Massive Attack – Splitting the atom EP


Easily one of the best moments of working at Virgin Records UK was being around when the first noises made by Massive Attack surfaced.
Some of us would stay late in the office, playing Daydreaming over and over and over again, trying to figure out what was that sound while passing the rizla. What is this music?

There weren’t a name for it yet, besides Massive Attack music.

The rest is history, however history does not stop, so here is the latest offering, a track from Splitting the atom EP, which is due out in October.

The title track features long-time collaborator Horace Andy.  Was that the faintest bit of AutoTune on Horace Andy’s voice?

The EP will also feature Tunde Adebimple of TV on the Radio on a recording titled ‘Pray for Rain’.  Martina Topley-Bird is also on a track.

Roll on October.

On a related issue (not to AutoTune),  man has heard that Burial and The Bug have been / are being  considered for a Massive Attack remix project.  “Rass” is all I can say really.

One thought on “Massive Attack – Splitting the atom EP

  1. I think the same Dave..remember hearing this I think at Virgin your office maybe or somewhere in that miasma of Ladbroke Grove…I heard a faint explosion of sound that formed the soundtrack of our generation – everything, till Roni Size..stole hours and days even and I did not care. Working late one day at the Carnival office – the usual hassles about which sound system fe where bla bla – and some tape, something with bristol all emblazoned on it..Bri..fiing what I said..and man – that tape..that so proud my friend that I walked those streets, and helped say yeah you can play here….yeah play baby play. Bluelines created a fissure so deep, i hear the strains i as write…

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