Rizwan-Muazzam & Fun-da-metnal / Mela Festivalen Oslo
Rizwan-Muazzam & Fun-da-metnal / Mela Festivalen Oslo

There were four music festivals taking place in Oslo last weekend, the Mela Festivalen, which Fun-da-mental briefly performed at with Rizwan-Muazzam Qawal.   There was also Jazz and Chamber Music festivals.

Just before leaving the hotel for the airport,  Russ, (FDM’s monitor engineer) casually  informed me that Wale, Skream & Benga, among others were to perform later  that day at the Oye Festival, which was also taking place in Oslo.  Russ and Bill (F.O.H. Sound) were staying an extra couple of days to do the job for The Dhol Foundation, so they had the opportunity to catch a slice of the Oye action.

Eh, are you serious?  Pissed me off.

Our performance at the Mela was , uhm, I did say brief.   Two days waiting for Rizwan-Muazzam and Party to show up.  The Norewgian embassy in Pakistan has been closed more often than open, due to ‘terrorism’.  Getting the required visas was problematic.  They landed two days late, at midday, the day of the gig.  We had to cram two days of rehearsals into three hours.

How are they gonna feel after a ten hour flight from Pakistan straight to rehearsal, 90 minutes rest, then gig?

It was cool, see them boys is professional.

Hit the stage after Third World, who were gagging for a bit of weed, no chance in Norway fellas.

Rizwan-Muazzam started the proceedings with two songs from the repetiore of their uncle, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  The diaspora erupted. Fun-da-mental appeared with Rizwan-Muazzam for a rare collaboration, and after the first number together, the organizers were already saying “Last track”, then proceed to cut the onstage sound while we were performing.  Not cool. Not fucking cool at all.

“Sorry, we’ve been here for three days, for what, to play fifteen minutes?  Now turn the fucking sound back on!”

Okay, your not gonna turn the sound on, fuck you, we’ll continue regardless.

We got the job done.

With DJ sets, on several occasions I’ve been tempted to give back some of my fee when I’ve had my set cut. Man prepares two hour DJ set, man drives/flies to event, then only plays for forty minutes. I don’t feel as if the job has been fully executed.  However sense prevails.   Actually now I’ve been thinking it’s time to put a clause in the contract,  if you cut the set short, promoter pays extra.  It doesn’t make sense, but it does if you know what I mean.

Please sort out yer stage management.

How come Womad never have this problem?

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