Human Fat Reduction Unit


Human Fat Reduction Unit.

That’s what the advert said.

Gotta get me one of them things.

No, the title will be sufficient.

Kicking of this week’s musical shower is a look at the new work from Shafiq Husayn, one third of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, who have already released an album this year.  Busy, busy, busy.  The music is soul on a 21st century level, dope beats, a full bottom end, and liquid synths cooking up a vibrant brew.

Yesterday was the release of the third and final ‘L.A.’ EP installments from Flying Lotus, so I had another one of those juvenile ‘gotta get the record as soon as the shop opens’ moments.

When will this affliction end?

Among the record bins of Wild Pytch Hip Hop record shop in London, I came across a promo 12″ from the latest release in the Arabesque series – featuring the vocals of Mariem Hassan who I managed to see perform at Womad Las Palmas last year.  The aspirations of her fellow Berber people are within her music and lyrics.

My former employer, EMI,  maybe  sucking it pretty hard right now, but they do have an archive many would like to get a look at.  As we have seen with the releases by Honest John’s, which have released several compilations that have their origins as EMI recordings, the label Finders Keepers have released a seven inch vinyl ‘I am very Sorry‘, licensed from EMI Pakistan.  Featuring the talent of soaring vocalist Noor Jehan, the music is typical a Indo-Pak affair – tons of strings, horns, quirky synth lines, drama induced by a hundred or so changes within a four minute lifespan.  Quality.

Soon after I returned to work at Virgin (0wned by EMI) millions of pounds / dollars went towards paying the severance package of Charles Koppleman, the former top man at EMI USA.  Fifty million dollars was what he got for running the company into the ground.  Fifty million, can you fucking believe it?  I couldn’t.  Human Fat Reduction Unit indeed.  So come on you little record companies, help get EMI out of their debts, there are thousands of tracks waiting for you to license for re-release.

Martyn’s remix of Efdemin has an underlying calypso / carnival vibe (well to me anyway) which kinda sets up the adventures of Ghislain Poirier and Ize.  After those workouts, it was fitting to bring the curtain down with the glorious string-laden work of Ekkehard Ehlers.

Oh, before I sign off, news just in on the Poirier front, his ‘Busy Signal’ workout is available here.

Ear Conditioning / Human Fat Reduction Unit

  • Shafiq Husayn – Album Teaser mixed by DJ Lefo
  • Flying Lotus / Endless White (Warp)
  • Zomby / Expert Tuition [from the One Foot In Front of the Other EP]
  • Mariem Hassan / Magat Milkitna Dulaa – Mock & Toof Remix (Mo’Zik)
  • Noor Jehan / I Am Very Sorry (Finders Keepers 7″)
  • Tommy McCook / Persian Ska (Treasure Isle 7″)
  • Flying Lotus / Parisian Goldfish – Take Remix (Warp)
  • Nickelus F / Cowboys featuring Portishead – Thank You Version
  • Green Dog / Afristepdub
  • Efdemim / Acid Bells – Martyn’s Dark Mix  (Curle 10″)
  • Four Tet and Burial / Wolf Cub (Text)
  • Ghislain Poirier / Immigrant Visa featuring MC Zulu (Ninja Tune)
  • Ize / Tronku di Mundo
  • Ekkehard Ehlers / Plays John Cassavettes Pt.2, taken from Uproot, mixed by DJ/Rupture (The Agriculture)

The above program is ‘earable at the following locations / times:

Sunhole Radio Tuesday, as in tonight at  22h00 (Repeated weekday mornings at 11h00)

Planet Radio Thursday 23h00

Radio Norte Next Tuesday 20h30 (Repeated following Saturday 22h00)

Note:  All times are London/Tenerife time.

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