Golpe de estado / The Coup

Oh Canada.
When ever people hear that I’m from Canada, they have warm words to say about they place.
However, all ain’t as clean as it seems.
When is it ever guy?

I often tell these Canada-praisers that while the standard of living is superior to a lot of places, clean, great nature, cold, etc. there are skeletons in that maple syrup closet.
When the white South Africans wanted to set up apartheid, where did they go to study the theft of land from the original inhabitants?

So is it surprising to hear about Canadian mining companies involvement in underhand activities in Honduras?
To a degree, yes, it is, but on the other hand….

The report (click below) from The Real News Network takes a good twelve minute look at what’s really going on, or at least what isn’t being reported in the shallow waters of the mainstream media. If you want soundbite media, this ain’t the place. The excuses of Chavez’ influence, Zelaya wanting to extend his rule etc. are examined and discussed.

The power is afraid of people.
More at The Real News

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