Madlib + Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson


Madlib, he’s a producer who’se shit resonates in this area.  That man digs deep for breaks to create his sound.  Pleased to know a new project is due to be released out on Stones Throw label.  Madlib teams up (again) with rapper Guilty Simpson, to present the OJ Simpson album. No references to the Juice, it’s just that Madlib’s real name is Otis Jackson, and Guilty Simpson, okay you got it now.  The first single, ‘Coroner’s Music‘ off the block that is the album is now available via among other places.
You can download  Madlib in session at Radio Nova / Paris.  A very invigorating and inspiring set, as you would expect from someone of Madlib’s calibre. It’s out there.

I’ve been in a bit of a foul mood for a couple hours, however this mix has rescued me from the blahs

Coroner’s Music hits the right buttons too, yeah?!   Disfruten.

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