Steve Bell vs. Tony Blair

In response to the news that former British Prime Minister  Tony Blair may become the first president of the European Union, Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell, draws it as he sees it.  The comments section that was below the original article on the Guardian website has now been removed, or moved elsewhere.  There was 0ver 500 comments, and all of the 20 or so that I read totally lambasted the guy and those how stand by him, quite right too!  No shame whatsoever,  none.


One thought on “Steve Bell vs. Tony Blair

  1. The Economist recently referred to the candidacy of the Belgian prime minister as “comical” while Tony Blair’s would be quite good for the EU standing next to the US. While Blair is a good choice as a figure head, the Belgian prime minister is perhaps superior in negotiating common positions (which is necessary in divided Belgium). I have just posted on what might be behind the British position here.

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