Hank Shocklee Interview



The Ex-Berliner, a guide to all good in Ex-Berliner-world caught up with the Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad during Hank’s recent visit to Germany.  

On Sampling:

“….our creative landscape, as time moves on — you know, we’re in 2009, so thus we have a history of music, or an embodiment of music, that’s extensive. And you’re talking about years, or decades I should say, of music. And we’ve been listening to it, and so music is our backdrop wherever we go. We can go into a restaurant, the theater, the car – everywhere we go we’re hearing this music. So thus, the part of the creative, you know, impetus now of making music comes from listening to other people’s music. And getting inspiration and sampling pieces of that music.”

Click here for the good read.

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