¿Donde estan mis maletas?


The first phrase I learned in Spanish got abused over the last few weeks.
First, I landed in St. Petersberg for the tour with Manu Chao, but my suitcase didn’t.
No records for the first two gigs.  Good thing I was able to burn stratch-able bits onto a CD courtesy of my laptop.
When my suitcase did arrive in Moscow, I had to pay 200€ to get it. Russian customs policy needs to looked at, and their customs personnel  need to enroll in How to Deal with the Public 101.
Two days after Russia it was off to Agadir for the Timitar Festival. Once again my baggage went astray, luckily I had two days before my set, and the bag arrived   24 hours after I did.

On Wednesday past, Famille Bou Bess and I had a gig in El Hierro. It’s just a 30 minute hop, so I thought unlike the journeys above, there is no plane transfers involved, my bag won’t go missing.  

Fool me.

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