The Timitiar Edition



When in Morocco, seek music!

“How much is this Nass El Ghiwane CD?”

“40 dirahms”

“Eh?  I paid 100 d’s for six cd’s in the souk yesterday.”

“Ah, they weren’t  original, they are bootlegs.”

“So how come they look exactly like these that you are selling?”

He gave six cd’s  for 100 d’s, ‘cos the “boss was not in the shop.”

As for the Timitar Festival, up to 100,000 people descended upon the Al Amal Square to be swayed by the rai music of the latest Cheb, that is Bilal.  The place went absolutely ballistic, with many men jumping over the barrier that separated the general public from the V.I.P. section in the front of the stage.  The police were busy, implementing their knowledge of pressure points and armlocks to detain the wanna-be V.I.P.’s.

For my dj set I was paired with a VJ, by the name of Stephane aka ItaloVideo.  Besides his VJ work, he was part of the team responsible for what described as the “Bible of African Hip Hop.”   I’m speaking of the Documentary Film/Book/CD  Fangafrika – La Voix des Sans-Voix. It looks at the West African Rap/Hip Hop scene featuring the works of Pee Froiss, Konkret 53, ALIF, Apkass,Xuman,  Djante Kan and more, plus the political influence of Franz Fanon, Thomas Sankara, Cheikh Anta Diop and others.

On Saturday The Ensemble Musical Oriental from Palesine took centre stage of the Theatre de Verdure.  The aspirations and harsh realities of Palestinian life was entwined in every note of this five-piece group.  I was most impressed by the deft finger work of the percussionist.  Here is a further link to them.

Berber crowds can be a bit intimidating, with cool responses to non-Berber music, but I did see a few Moroccan punk rockers on the way to the venue, which I found encouraging.  

Ear Conditioning / The Timitar Edition

  • Al Ada / Title Unknown
  • Interlude Rue  (Urban Culture)
  • Ennehla Chama /  Title Unknown
  • Djanta Kan / Avoude (Urban Culture)
  • Mos Def / Quiet Dog (Downtown) 
  • The Clash / Revolution Rock (CBS)
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright / Terrorism
  • Kode 9 vs. LD / Bad (Hyperdub)
  • Laidback Luke & Diplo / Hey – Bombiman Remix
  • Pee Froiss / Ça va Péter (Urban Culture)
  • King Cannibal / So….Embrace The Minimum  (Ninja Tune)
  • The Ecologist featuring The Spaceape / Mercy Beat
  • Nass El Ghiwane / Duagh Hna Houma Hna
  • Finale featuring Welcome to Jamrock, Dynamite MC vs. J*Star, Alan Freed, Jessie Belvin

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be broadcast tonight at Sunhole Radio at 22h00, and repeated throughout the week at 11h00.  Also going out via Planet Radio on Thursday at 23h00.

I’ll back home just in time to grab a few more tunes before heading to the super clean island of El Hierro for the Rock en la Calle Festival in Valverde, tomorrow night, with Famille Bou Bess.




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