From Russia with Tunes

Koul Sharif Mosque Kazan

The above shot is of the mosque in Kazan, which was the backdrop to the Celebration of Peace Festival in Kazan, Russia.  Great huh?!  Kazan was a welcome break from Moscow, a lot more open space there, and 90% less diesel fumes. 

I didn’t expect to come across surf music while in Moscow, but that’s just what happened.  While Dj’ing at an after gig party at МАСТЕРСКАЯ,  a young lady called Antonina tried to have a conversation with me while the music was pumping, a bit difficult to say the least. She proceeded to hand over four or five cd’s featuring Messer Chups, Streamer and  Oleg Kostrow before disappearing into the atmosphere.

Also featured in this weeks program is Clark, who has an album, Totem’s Flare, coming out on the Warp label, so you know that has to be checked.

Sa Ra are back, and this type of nu-soul is working on me.

One of the founders of the legendary 23Skidoo, Fritz Catlin aka Firebomb Fritz, has a reggae project called Skintologists, and he kindly sent some of it over my way.  

As I mentioned last week, Gilles P, has a new compilation on his Brownswood label, and back for more is the El Michels Affair orchestral nursery school funk version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya.  Yep, that’s right.

Dig it if you can.

Much thanks to all that shared everything from food, drink, Afghan someting, music, the stage, hands, time etc. in Moscow, St. Petersberg, and Kazan over the last week.  Ask Javi about the man that shared the compartment on the night train from St. Petes to Moscow.  Maybe you shouldn’t actually, it may result in a bad mood.  Manu Chao and his band, Radio Bemba were on top form, and not a trace of over-blown ego at all.

No thanks for the Russian Customs who are some of the most needy of a course in manners and protocol.  My bags didn’t make my flight, yet I have to go to the airport the next day, and pay 200€ to get my luggage?  &ucked up, no doubt!  Anyway back to sports….

Ear Conditioning for the last week of June

  • Streamer – It’s Started Again (Kidnap Records)
  • Messer Chups – Flash of the Night  (Solnze)
  • Wale – Um Ricka featuring K’Naan
  • Skintologists – The6thgreatextinction 
  • King Cannibal featuring Daddy Freddy – Dirt (Ninja Tune)
  • Streamer – Hunted Down (Kidnap Records)
  • Bulat Project – Track 5 from “Online” CD
  • Oleg Kostrow – Doo-Little Love (Solnze)
  • Clark – Rainbow Voodoo (Warp)
  • Sa Ra Creative Partners – Bitch Baby (Ubiquity)
  • El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Brownswood)
  • Oumou Sangaré –  Iyo Djeli (Brownswood)
  • Martyn – Eden St.  (3024)
  • Diplo – Sarah (Big Dada)
  • Oleg Kostrow – Lovers on Moon (Solnze)

The program is now repeated on Sunhole every week day morning at 11h00, except Tuesday’s where as usual the program goes out fresh, at 22h00GMT. Radio Norte broadcasts the program Tuesday at 20h30GMT.  Planet Radio dish it out on Thursday, 23h00GMT.

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