The Electric Circus meet DJ Gavana


Top weekend was last week in Gothenborg.  Clandestino number se7en with the likes of…oh well, you know, I’ve written about it a few times before.  

Great to finally see Konono No.1.  It took two years to get them into the country of Sweden, the authorities musta been thinking that Konono were part of Papa Wemba’s entourage…and stay in Sweden forever and a day suckin’ the sweet tit of Swedish social assistance.

I arrived at Clandestino just in time to catch the last two tracks from a jubilant Buju Banton.  Afterwards it was Leila’s turn. Her set started with a dialogue on art, then the noise, blips and beats proceeded to increase the pressure.  She’s unique, live mixing is her thing, and she does it well.  Her set isn’t for those that want constant 4 x 4 or danceable beats.  She’s great, gotta a interesting head on her shoulders, and a big heart.  I asked her what the opening dialogue was, and she not only gave me the name of the speaker, but also gave me about six cd’s of music and dialogue that she uses during her sets.

On the subject of using a laptop when performing, (which she doesn’t) she said, “I don’t send emails when doing a gig!”

DJ Gavana played a couple sets throughout the festival, and she presented me with a cd featuring a Steppas mix, which became the major part of this week’s program.

Timeblind and El Hijo de la Cumbia turned the place inside with their respective sets of dubstep, electronica and cumbia.  The best place to be last week fer sure.

A big thanks to all Clandestino crew, participants, attendees, staff, garbage picker uppers, and new friends.

Gilles Peterson will be headlining the Inspiracion festival in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife in August, and his label is just about to release a compilation Brownswood Bubblers 4.  The promo arrived not too long ago, and it’s got some choice gems on it, as you would expect if you follow Gilles.  I was immediately struck by the Lone contribution…possibly because of the title, and living on an island.  Check it.

Ear Conditioning / The Electric Circus meets DJ Gavana

  • Title unknown – A gift from Leila.
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Alkebulan  (Brainfeeder)
  • Sa Ra Creative Partners – Love Czars
  • Santigold – Anne / King Britt Moody mix
  • Ecologist featuring The Spaceape – Mercy Beat
  • Lone – Sea Spray (from the Brownswood Bubblers 4 compilation)
  • DJ Gavana – Steppas Mix
  • Reefer – Let It Go / Flying Lotus Remix

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