News from the Russian Front


Been in Russia for two days now, and still no luggage, which means no records, no change of clothes. 

Luckily I had my mac with me so I could burn some vocals and noise samples onto a CD, and Lloyd was able to give me some new underwear.

Manu Chao + Radio Bemba were well received in St. Petersberg, nuff people know his music in these parts.  Great to see him in a somewhat intimate environment, as you know they could play in a place that holds 100,000 people no problem, but what you see, 8 dots in the distant yonder?

We took the train from St. Pete to Moscow this morning.  Was tempted to join Manu and band in the train’s resturant  for a sing a long and chat, but tiredness took over and I sensibly caught some shut eye, serenaded by the motion of the train.

My good friends Paula and Javi from Tenerife are here also for a week, and caught the train with us.  The hand that moved along his crotch last night as he slept was not that of his missus, but of the Russian man that was sharing their cabin….cheeky bugger!

Tonight we play in the famous Gorky Park.

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