Clandestino Festival Swing


Gearing up for this weekend, the Clandestino Festival opens doors for  edition seven.

It’s the second year that I’ve been on the books as a co-curator, and at least the fifth edition I’ve been to, so yeah, it’s a family thing.

Who we got in 2009?  

Buju BantonDiato Manabe, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Omar Souleyman, Leila, Konono No.1Kode 9 & The Spaceapepresenting Bass Fiction, Sublime Frequencies (DJ Set), Warren SuicideTimeblindDJ GavanaWildbirds & Peacedrums,The Göteborg String Theory, Orchestra Boabab.

The festival came about due to the efforts of Aleksander Motturi, who is a philospher and DJ….hence the festival not only presents music, there are talks/discussions/debates

taking place as well.  I’d like to catch Alyson Cole discussing the Politics of  blaming the victim:

In recent decades, constitutive questions about power and in justice have been raised -and yet transformed- by being spoken Mikela Lundahl through a language of victimization, by victim-claiming and victim-blaming.What are the political effects of this discursive shift whereby issues of inequality are cast in an explicit language not of exploitation or oppression, but of victimization? And, as importantly, what does it mean when people disadvantaged by hierarchies of power feel compelled to insist that they are not victims? Analyzing a range of victim-blaming texts, I show the impact of anti-victim discourse on the way we think about and act in politics. 

I’m due to do a set on Saturday, and some sets with DJ Gavana during band change-overs, so if your in the area, as some people will be, introduce yerself.

So this week’s radio program contains a chuck of artists that have some connection with the festival, including a just arrived soca-charged mix from Ghislain Poirier, who performed at Clandestino last year.  


Ear Conditioning / Clandestino Edition

  • Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid / Size 10 1/2  Sneaks (Minor Music)
  • Leila / Don’t Fall Asleep (Rephlex)
  • Panda Bear / Comfy in Nautica (UUAR)
  • Timeblind / Redemption (Orthlorng Musork)
  • Martyn / Vancouver (3024)
  • Mutamassik / Babomb  (Soot)
  • Konono No.1 / Lufuala Ndonga (Ache/Crammed Discs)
  • Jah Wobble / I Need By My Side (Virgin)
  • N/A  / Stupid 7″
  • Buju Banton / Jungle to Back a Wall (Penthouse)

Ghislain Poirier /  Mix for Sinden (KissFM)

  • Poirier – Wha-La-La-Leng feat. Face-T
  • Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Poirier Remix)
  • Poirier – Karnival
  • Silverlink – The Message Is Love feat. Jammer & Badness (acapella)
  • Alison Hinds – Soca Nation (Poirier Remix)
  • Poirier – Get Crazy feat. Mr. Slaughter
  • Skinny Fabulous – My Girl feat. Mr. Vegas

Ear Conditioning is ‘earable online:

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