Miss Blitz on the case

I’ve been wanting to get a mix from Miss Mohak for the program for quite awhile now.  As you do when your on a similar path with others, you get in touch via ourspace, or whatever social network-blog-twitter one utilizes to keep in touch with people you don’t know but would like to.
So last week Anne, as her mum calls her, said that Generation Bass had just posted her lasted mix, the Crisis Mix, so appropriate, especially if you drive a GM car,  or are a member of the  UK Labour Party.
This Friday I’ll be returning to the Teatro-Cine en Los Realejos to drop a ‘Tropicalismo Bassline’ set, either before or after the headline act which is comprised of  Kumar and MC Gothiko, alongside Panko and Max from Ojos de Brujo.
With such a lack of decent sound-systems (as in bass-bins) in Tenerife, I thought I’d use this opportunity to lay on some bottom-end movers for a change, as most joints have puny tweeters which get bus’ up when ever something heavy drops from the box.  
Maybe see you on Friday.  Also dropping tuneage , the 28˚ Sound System.
Miss Blitz’ mix is perfect for getting in the mood, so dig it, it’s rich.
Congratulations to Generation Bass who have just reached the 100,000 hits mark on their site.  
Ear Conditioning / Miss Blitz Crisis Mix
  • KU BO / Mix (Crunchtime)
  • Sonar Calibrado / Os Asassinos (Shockout)
  • DJ Sandrinho /Sweet Dreams (Clek Clek Boom)
  • Uproot Andy / La Vida Vale la Pena (Bersa Discos)
  • DJ Zizisso / Revolution (Unreleased)
  • Schlachthofbronx / Landergschwister (Disko B)
  • Miss Blitz JUF vs Brodinksi (Mashup feat Maga Bo, Filastine, Radioclit – Unreleased)
  • Edu K feat Madame Mim / Headbanger (Miss Blitz Refix feat Radioclit) (Man Recordings / Refix Unreleased)
  • Deize Tigrona / Injecao (Mr Bongo)
  • Edu K  / Hot Mama (Essay Recordings)
  • DJ Dero / Batucada (Revelde Records)
  • Moleque Manhoso / Danca Do Rodo (Essay Recordings)
  • Wild Marmelade / Sunrise Eyes (Grooven Music)
  • Leftfield / Afroleft (Hard Hands)
  • Infected Mushroom / Becoming Insane (Bne H’ART)
  • Sphongle / Behind closed eyelids (Twisted Records)
  • Bumblebeez / Zulu (Radiolcit Rmx) (Modular)
  • Kid606 / Sprouce Goose (Tigerbass)
  • Zol / Syphillisuperstar (Jarring Effects)
  • Dhruva / Banga (Sub Swara)
  • Miss Blitz / Darbuka Solo (feat Filastine, Maga Bo, Radioclit – Unreleased)
  • Lord Creator / Big Bamboo (Dynamic)

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