King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound Cover

This just hit my inbox,  the artwork and music  from the forthcoming Dub Heavy – Hearts and Ghosts EP from King Midas Sound (Kevin ‘The Bug” Martin and Roger Robinson)  on Hyperdub.  Tune into your fav’ radio programs to hear the goods.  Everybody from /Rupture, DJ Ripley, Kid Kameleon, Stinky Jim, MAH, will be on this harder than two day old shit.

I’ll def’nutt-ly be dropping a slice from the reverb-drenched  EP on this week’s Ear Conditioning program.

Tomorrow at Radio Norte 20h30 GMT, and Sunhole 22h00 GMT.

Thursday Planet Radio, 23h00 GMT.

One thought on “King Midas Sound

  1. damn straight mr watts
    i’ll be all over that like a man possessed when i get my paws on it. there’s a hexclusive dub mix of our overproof soundsystem remix and the latest ‘Stinkbombs’ mixcd up at StinkInc if you require a tonal top-up
    live up, renk on

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