The Bajamar Session

ouverture_de la porte par_ le representant du_ maire

The foto above was taken and the inauguration of a school in Burkino Faso that was built with assistance of an NGO here in Tenerife called La Casa de Africa, and Apech in Burkino Faso. Last November, I played at a storytelling event, along side two story-tellers, whose focus for the event was the Baobab Tree.  Our event was a fund-raiser for the building of the school.  La Casa got in touch with a few more people/organizations locally and nationally, Apech reached out at there end, and voila, the building is done.  More pictures from the inaguration soon.

Last weekend was a four day weekend, the streets of La Laguna were empty on Friday night when I played at Txola.  Everybody went south, and those in the south, went north or some point in-betweeen or further.  So we went to Bajamar, hence the title, Bajamar Sessions.  

A few notes on some of this week’s contributors.

Rogelio Botanz, originally from the Basque Country,  has been living in the Canary Islands for over twenty years.  Seriously researched pre-Hispanic culture in these parts.  The track in this week’s program is a recording of Canarian Stick Fighting, ripe for sampling, and using as a snare, hit hat, voice, etc.

When I first heard the ‘Regional Action!’ EP from Drain, I thought it by some tech’ wiz-kid with an Akai sampler and Cubase living in Lahore, Pakistan.  Wrong.  Ten years ago King Coffey, drummer of The Butthole Surfers released ‘Regional Action!’  It was a record that would have fit perfectly among releases by Nation Records (home to Fun-da-mental, Transglobal Underound, ADF) – chock full of new instruments, snatches of sounds and voices, with a radio broadcast feel to it.  Hats off to Errol and crew at Astralwerks 1999 for introducing me to Drain. 

Prince Far I aka King Cry Cry – Introduced to his voice through his On U Sound collaborations.  It’s a real fucker to….hey, wait, why does this spellcheck thing, underline ‘fucker‘  It’s spelt correctly,  must be my grammer?  I digress, apologies.

So yeah, it’s a real fucker to get into someone’s music, only to find out that they died a few months or years previous.  A great voice of the street, gravelly and deep, added to the endless list of people shot to death in Jamaica.

Speaking of Jamaica, check out DJ Ripley’s blog.  She is down in JA at the moment, I think for about six months.  Anyway her latest posts from JA show some wicked fashion movements and good insight into Intellectual Property discussions at a recent forum / conference.


Ear Conditoning / The Bajamar Session

  • Von Magnet / Mostar Angels (JFX)
  • Madlib aka Beat Conductor  / Freeze  (Stones Throw)
  • Ashhal Biannak / I admit it, your beautiful  (Sublime Frequencies)
  • Fun-da-mental / Spycat – Stripped Version (Nation)
  • Numskullz / Analyze (Hombre)
  • Martyn / Krdl t grv  (3024)
  • Amadou and Miriam / Ca N’est Pas Bon – Cantina Version  (Because)
  • Consequence / Buggin Out 2009 
  • Jay Electronica / Act 1 Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
  • 2562 / Channel Two  (Tectonic)
  • Prince Far I / Dub to Africa  (Pressure Sounds/On-U Sound)
  • Rogelio Botanz / Track 32
  • Drain / Burma Slowdive (Astralwerks)

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