Just Another Damn Song!

  • Frederic Galliano / Le Poussiere (F Communications)
  • Nettle meets Hrvatski / Unciviliz: Uncivilibertarian (The Agriculture)
  • Ray aka Saul Williams / Sha Clack Clack (Immortal)
  • Dodo / Iridium (Sideburn)
  • John Zorn / Battle of Algiers (Icon)
  • John Lurie / Are You Warm Enough? (Crammed)
  • Flying Lotus / Roberta Flack – Mike Slott Reflunk Mix (Warp)
  • Future Sound of London / Papau New Guinea Dub Mix (Jumpin’ and Pumpin’)
  • Bad Brains / At the Movies (Victory)
  • Bad Brains / Just Another Damn Song (Caroline)
  • Bad Brains / Attitude (Caroline)
  • Cutty Ranks meets Diplo / Dutty Six Pack (Mad Decent)
  • Hue Jah Fink / Out of Reach – Darkest Dub (Binary Feedback)
  • Cottie / Warrior Charge featuring 2Nice (Studio Rockers)
  • S.U.A.D. / Epileptic – Martyn’s No Strobe Mix (Z Audio)
  • Blackdown / Crackle Blues – Burial Mix (Keysound)
  • Q-Tip / Renaissance Remix featuring Lil’ Wayne, Busta Busta & Raekwon
  • Public Enemy / Son of Public Enemy – Flava Whop Version (Def Jam)
  • Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at the following locations:

    Sunhole Radio: Tuesday 22h00

    Radio Norte: 89.4FM Tacoronte, Tenerife: Tuesday 20h30

    Planet Radio: 99.0FM in Santa Cruz/La Laguna; 88.5FM Tenerife Norte; 99.5 Tenerife Sur Thursday 23h0oBad Brains T

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