The Stick Up

Flying Lotus again?!  I’ll get over it. When?  I don’t know, he’s just got me hard, and since I do the program primarily for the ears that reside in Tenerife, I am on a mission.  They must know about the Brainfeeder.  He’s really translated some of his dream-states into brilliant lucid musical pieces.  I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to drop some of his stuff next week.
Also being served up via Generation Bass, and Negrophonic (come siempre) mi encontré nueves canciones como Les Princes de Kuduro y Aurita Castillo y su Conjunto.
I can’t recall what made me dig out Underground Resistance and Rhythm is Rhythm…oh yeah, Flying Lotus….initially it was his TripBeat programming  (not Trip Hop okay?) that had me thinking of  Dilla, then I moved to get Madvillan off the shelf, then since I was in a Detroit frame of mind…..I can’t believe it’s twenty years and a bit since  MayDay, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and crew brought that sound to our attention.
We got some Calypso in this joint as well, courtesy of the Calypsoul compilation put together by the folks at Strut/K7!
There just isn’t time to listen to bollocks is there?


Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at the following locations on Tuesdays / Escucha todos martes

Radio Norte 89.4FM : Tenerife Zona Norte 20h30

Sunhole Radio:  22h00

Planet Radio: 21h00  Area Metropolitana (Santa Cruz y La Laguna) 99.0FM;   Zona norte 88.5FM;   Zona sur 99.3FM

For the live experience, I’ll be manning the 1’s and 2’s proxima viernes/ Friday  10th at Txola, La Laguna if yer in the area, but please don’t get in my face like that woman last time. She was a bit too appreciative,  asking me to write down what was being played to which i have no problem, but in the end she wouldn’t let me get on with things and she had to be chucked out.

Un abrazo

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