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Not one to sit on his backside in the comfortable zone, Steve Goodman aka Kode 9 / Hyperdub  talks about ‘Funky’ here courtesy of Fact Magazine.

I saw Kode 9 spin at a ‘Dubstep DJ’s vs. Grime MC’s’ event a year and a half ago, and for me, he easily played the best set.  While every DJ before and after him  played tunes that were very popular at the time, his set was laced with leanings towards Detroit techno and house, definitely stood out from the rest of the crowd.

The new album from Kode 9 and Spaceape (that’s him holding the polaroid) should be in it’s almost final stages of preparation.  They will be presenting ‘Bass Fiction’ at the Clandestino Festival, among others, in June.  If your in the area of Gothenborg, do try to make it.  I’ve been helping out for the second year in a row with the curatorship of this festival, was really looking forward to seeing Bass Fiction, but Fun-da-mental have just been offered a gig in Poland on the same day, June 13, so I’ll be at Clandestino, June 12th, and maybe on the 14th.

At the first edition of Clandestino, I met John Hutnyk (see Trinketization in the links section), who is a professor at Goldsmith’s University in London.  He was one of three editors (Sanjay Sharma and Ashwani Sharma being the others) responsible for the book Disorienting Rhythms / The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music.  It was one of the first books to look at the role of music relating to the South Asian diaspora in the UK.  Originally published in ’96, it is now available to download.  Features interviews with Aki Nawaz/FDM; John Pandit/ADF; Bally Sagoo; Voodoo Queens; DJ Ritu and tons more.

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