Gone to the dogs


Javier Jiminez en el Teatro Leal
Javier Jiminez en el Teatro Leal

This week’s program was a repeat of a show from last October, still sounded fresh though. I try not to be bound to fashion fashion in having to play the latest tendencies all the time. You can read the original post that went with this program here.

Next week  Ear Conditioning shall be joining the family of Planet Radio, which is based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

They’ve got some of the most open-minded pinchadiscos / dj’s on the island, which should make for some interesting listening.

Did i say interesting?  Yes, I did.  On that note, it was good to see Concha Buika a couple weeks back at the Teatro Leal, in La Laguna.  Her event was part of the International Working Women’s Month.  Ever since the Teatro Leal re-opened after years of closure, the programming has been applauded by many, however don’t be surprised if the programming at the Teatro Leal takes a nose-dive, as the artist director, has been removed from his job.  Not because the theatre has been sold out for practically every event that has been hosted there since it re-opened last year.  Not because the artist director was found to be claiming extra expenses such as holidays etc.  Not because he was caught shagging a hostess in one of the stalls.  Not because he talked loudly during performances. Nope, he’s being replaced because he is not a member of the Coalition Canarias, which is the political party that runs the council in La Laguna.  Another fucked up reason why this island is the way it is.  Expect to see Teatro Leal hosting school plays featuring the son of the La Laguna mayor and other foolishness which will only serve to boost the ego’s on CC personel.

Ear Conditioning Playlist for 31 March / marzo

  • Asha Bosle – Jhunka Jhulade (Super)
  • Bap’s Three Bips & A Bop – Oop-Pop-A-Da (Blue Note)
  • Overtone – Give It Again (Redbud)
  • Trouble Funk – Drop the Bomb (Sugarhill)
  • Fear+APC+Pulsinger+Kaos – Title unknown (!K7)
  • Root Down – Title Unknown (White Label)
  • G.A.F. – Two More Things I Need to Tell You (Ruin)
  • Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica (UUAR)
  • African Head Charge – Dervish Chant (On-U Sound)
  • Lungiswa Plaatjies – Title Unknown (Melt2000)
  • Diplo – Diplo Rhythm feat Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos (Big Dada)
  • Atki 2 – WinterBuds (The Agriculture)
  • Clouds – Too Much (The Agriculture)
  • DJ Food – The Sky at Night (Ninja Tune)


Ear Conditioning is ‘earable, Tuesdays at:
Radio Norte 89.4FM 20h30

Planet Radio  21h00

Sunhole Radio   22h00

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